So, sorry for the lack of posts guys, but it has been an extremely busy couple weeks! Between getting ready for the new college semester, a two week trip to Texas (getting back one day before school started), and trying to work a full-time job in between, things have just been busy! But, I had a couple minutes to spare this morning, so I figured a new post and update was in order!

Have you heard about Rad & Hungry’s new Pencil Pal Program? It’s kind of like a pen-pal program, except it’s for pencil geeks! What you do is, you sign up over at their website (, and then they’ll put you on the list to receive a pencil from either R&H or from another Pencil Pal. When you get the pencil, you in turn write a short note including instructions on how to get a new address to send a pencil, and include a pencil of your own. Now, it can’t just be a stub, but it has to be a good pencil in new or slightly used condition. For example, I sent out a slightly used Papermate Mirado Black Warrior, since it’s one of my favorite pencils of all time, but I also added in a brand new Mexican Berol Mirado from my personal pencil hoard, that way I was sure the person would get one they would like.

In my package, I got a Roco HB Pencil which was made in Indonesia, but has some Arabic lettering on it. The note from R&H said that it is actually from Saudi Arabia, and I must say that it writes pretty smoothly.

So, if you’re interested in receiving a pencil from a complete stranger in the mail, sign up for Rad & Hungry’s Pencil Pal Program today!

My Pencil Pal Program Pencil