So, up for review today, we actually have three more items from Andrew over at He sent over the King Jim 2-Way Super Dotch Files with the Sept Couleur notebooks from last time, but forgot to include a 2-hole punch (you’ll see why it was necessary here in just a minute), which came in a couple days later.

Well, we’ll start with the Kokuyo 2-Hole Punch. Available from MyMaido for $9.95 (+ tax) in a beautiful metallic blue finish, this little hole punch wasily punched through upt to 20-30 sheets of notebook paper (no, I didn’t count the pages, but I put enough paper in the “slot” that you couldn’t fit anymore), even though the advertised amount is 10 pages. Also included is a small plastic rule which slides into the plastic “punch tray” and allows you to measure the paper correctly for your holes (although the only sizes marked are the European sizes, not US sizes).

As I mentioned, this little device worked very well, and I’m extremely glad that Andrew sent it to me, since it’s an absolute necessity when it comes to using the other two things he sent me…
DSC02187 DSC02190DSC02191DSC02192DSC02185

Next up are the King Jim 2-Way Super Dotch File Binders. These ecologically friendly binders are made from new raw material and recycled paper. Andrew was kind enough to send me one of the ones that holds 300 pages, as well as one that holds 500 pages. Each binder comes with 5 indexed organizer tabs, so you can keep track of different types of papers and projects (definitely useful for a college student like me).

However, the most interesting thing about these binders is the binding mechanism. Instead of the usual two or three ring binding system (the kind that causes your binders to bend and form around the clumsy rings), the Super Dotch binders feature a two ring removable binding system. This binding system can be completely removed in order to switch notebooks, and even can be removed from theĀ binderĀ altogether, to assure “classified disposal”. Both binders measure 9.5” wide x 12” high and the 300 page one is 2” deep while the 500 page is 2.5” deep.

The 300 page binder is $10.95 at
The 500 page binder is $11.95 at


For a better view of the “binding mechanism”, check out the Youtube video that is posted right after this post…

Thanks again to Andrew at for giving me the chance to try out these awesome products!

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